My Universe: Cooking Star Restaurant Coming To Nintendo Switch

My Universe: Cooking Star Restaurant Logo

Microids and Old Skull Games have revealed that My Universe: Cooking Star Restaurant is in development for Nintendo Switch.

My Universe is a new collection of life simulation games that offer younger gamers the chance “to experience what it’s like to be a grown-up.”

In My Universe: Cooking Star Restaurant, you play as a young and ambitious chef who wants nothing more than to open your first restaurant.

However, achieving such a dream won’t be easy. Your customers crave unique and succulent meals, meaning that you will need to deliver the best choice of recipes and offer top class service to make sure that your restaurant remains highly rated.

As your fame increases, you will have the chance to meet famous chefs from around the world that each represent the greatest trends in modern cooking styles. This will help you and your employees to improve your restaurant “to make it a top destination for foodies.”

My Universe: Cooking Star Restaurant will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 10th November 2020.

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