My Nintendo Gold Points Can Be Used To Buy Games On Nintendo Switch From March

My Nintendo Gold Points Image

Nintendo has announced that you will soon be able to spend any Gold Points that you have collected in My Nintendo when buying Nintendo Switch games on the Nintendo eShop.

The rewards programme was launched in March 2016, but Nintendo has been slow to introduce support for their plucky portable home console.

From early March, you can choose to spend any Gold Points that you have earned when purchasing a Nintendo Switch game or downloadable content on the Nintendo eShop or on the Nintendo website.

Gold Points are earned whenever you buy a new game whether that be digitally on the Nintendo eShop or a game card. However, you receive more points for digital purchases compared to physical copies.

As an example, if you bought a £40 game on the Nintendo eShop you will receive 200 Gold Points, which are worth £2. It’s worth mentioning that Gold Points are only valid for the 12 months since they were first earned.

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