My Nintendo Adds New Miitomo Rewards

miitomo snes controller hoodie

It has been a fortnight since My Nintendo was launched to coincide with Miitomo, and many have enjoyed earning My Nintendo points to spend in the integrated rewards service.

While My Nintendo PiCROSS – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and WarioWare: Touched! have proved to be popular choices in the rewards catalogue, it has been unclear how often Nintendo would keep refreshing the items that are on offer.

Well, we’ve now had our first new additions in a Bee Suit, SNES Controller Hoodie and Viking Helmet, which, as you have probably guessed, are all clothing items for use in Miitomo. Each are priced at 200 Platinum Points, with their descriptions below:

Bee Suit (Set) – 200 Platinum Points
A buzzworthy bee suit for your Mii to wear in Miitomo.

SNES Controller Hoodie – 200 Platinum Points
A hoodie inspired by the Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller for your Mii to wear in Miitomo.

Viking Helmet (Set) – 200 Platinum Points
A rugged Viking helmet for your Mii to wear in Miitomo.

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