My Nintendo Adds Cosy Snowman Clothes For Miitomo

miitomo long sleeve snowman tee image

My Nintendo has added new Miitomo rewards, allowing members to unlock some cosy clothes to keep their Mii characters warm as the winter cold sets in.

There are three clothing items that have become available, namely being the Snowman pin (100 Platinum Points), Long-sleeve snowman tee (150 Platinum Points), and Cozy snowman leggings (150 Platinum Points) that you can choose between.

Nintendo recently delivered a big update to their social messaging app, introducing direct messaging, room customisation, the chance to show off your outfits in Style Central, seeing responses from all around the world in Answer Central, and Sidekick Mii characters.

These aren’t the festive Nintendo-themed holiday jumpers that we were hoping for, but maybe they will arrive in the coming weeks as we near Christmas Day.

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