My Hero One’s Justice Pre-Bonus And October 26th Release Date Revealed

Muscular My Hero One's Justice Screenshot

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced the My Hero One’s Justice release date, the 3D arena fighter based on the globally popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga and anime to slam into retailers this October.

Those that pre-order will receive access to “Flame Hero” Endeavor; the #2 Pro Hero, heated rival of All Might and father of Shoto Todoroki as a playable character.

In the game, you will be able to form three-person squads made up from your favourite U.A. High students which can include Pro Heroes like All Might and Eraserhead or villains Stain, Dabi and Himiko Toga.

The squads that you create will fight for their ideals in over-the-top, three-dimensional, environment destroying battles. Each has one primary fighter and can have two sidekicks, mirroring how Pro Hero teams are often structured in the anime.

Two new characters have also been revealed in Muscular and Gran Torino:

Muscular: Another villain joins the fight. Muscular’s game-changing Quirk, Muscle Augmentation, allows him to grow muscle fibres across his entire body conferring immense strength to him during the battle.

Gran Torino: Although retired, Gran Torino still brings fear to his enemies and students alike! Gran Torino is the mentor of All Might himself. His Quirk Jet makes him one of the fastest heroes alive, rolling back his many years to battle against the best of the best.

My Hero One’s Justice will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 26th.

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