Musterbrand And Nintendo Reveal The Legend Of Zelda Clothing Collection


Musterbrand has unveiled its first clothing and accessories collection inspired by The Legend of Zelda series, designed in collaboration with and officially licensed by Nintendo.

This will prepare you for adventure, arriving to help commemorate the 30th anniversary while allowing you to gear up before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releases next year.

There are five items to choose from in the Link Shirt, Link Cape, Link Loot, Link Voyage, and Hyrule Scarf, which are available for immediate shipping and pre-order worldwide on Musterbrand‘s website.


100% Hooded Jersey – $59.99 (£49 / €59) – Shipping Now
Traverse Hyrule in the Link Shirt, a durable jersey treated to keep extra-soft while staying tough enough to withstand a long journey. Details abound, from the extra long sleeves with thumb-holes to the Triforce sleeve embroidery and a trademark pointed hood.


Knit Hoodie – $79.99 (£65 / €79) – Shipping Now
The iconic green tunic is brought to life in the fashionable Link Cape, a 100% cotton knit hoodie with lacing and cross details. Featuring a patch embroidered with the Wingcrest and a pointed hood styled after Link’s iconic hat, a hero’s clothes have never looked so good.


Heavy Canvas Bag – $49.99 (£41 / €49) – Shipping October
Constructed from ultra-durable canvas, the Link Loot is the perfect backpack for storing inventory. When there’s a need to stash keys, arrows, or Triforce fragments, the Link Loot is a hero’s perfect companion.


Premium Parka – $159.99 (£132 / €159) – Shipping December
The Link Voyage is a premium parka for the serious adventurer. The sturdy cotton construction brims with detail, from the sleeve embroidery inspired by Link’s handguard to the crest embellishments crowning the side slits. The Link Voyage is topped off with the trademark pointed hood and a sublime lining emblazoned with the Wingcrest.

Hyrule Scarf


100% Cotton – $39.99 (£34 / €39) – Shipping Now
Brave temples of any element with the Hyrule Scarf. Made of 100% cotton and emblazoned with the Wingcrest, this accessory allow its wearer to bear forth the Royal Family’s insignia.

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