Mudkip Stars In July’s Pokémon GO Community Day

Mudkip Pokémon GO Community Day Image

Niantic has announced when the next Pokémon GO Community Day will take place and that Mudkip will be the featured Pokémon.

The Community Days are monthly events that feature a special Pokémon that will appear frequently around the world for a few short hours. And, if caught during the event, the Pokémon will know an exclusive move.

That exclusive move remains unknown at this point, but the Mud Fish Pokémon can be evolved into Marshtomp and then Swampert, for those that still need to complete their Hoenn region Pokédex. As with previous Community Days, Shiny Mudkip are likely to spawn.

The Community Day will take place between 4pm – 7pm on Saturday 21st July 2019, and Niantic has confirmed that, during the event hours, players can earn three times the normal catch XP and Lures will last for three hours.

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