Morphies Law Quirkily Steals Mass On Nintendo Switch


Cosmoscope has announced that Morphies Law will see release on Nintendo Switch, a four-on-four multiplayer shooter that the developer positions as “a robot morphology driven 3D shooter.”

It takes place in a world where humans have long been extinct, although their final creations, Morphies, have not forgotten them.

Morphies can change their bodies by stealing mass from their enemies, transferred from the victim’s damaged limb to the attacker’s corresponding limb. That will see skilled players soon become tall and easy to target, whereas beginners and players down on their luck will shrink until their miniature size will make them become difficult to hit.

That gameplay mechanic will also help players gain an advantage on the battlefield, with tall legs letting you jump on buildings but meaning that you may not be able to walk through doorways, whereas small players can more easily hide.

Players can also shift mass between their team, potentially helping one player to reach an advantageous position – your ultimate goal being to build their team Avatar to be taller than their rivals by stealing more mass.

Morphies Law will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide as a console exclusive this winter.











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