More Than 6.2 Million Courses Created In Super Mario Maker


Nintendo has announced that more than 6.2 million different courses have been created in Super Mario Maker, which have been played “over 400 million times.”

The Wii U exclusive have sold more than 3.34 million copies worldwide, outpaced by their breakout ink-based shooter Splatoon. Their goal now is to maintain “the high usage rate of the game,” by delivering steady updates with new Mystery Mushroom costumes and ways in which players “can create a greater variety of courses.”

“Last September, we globally released a ‘create and play’ type of Mario software, Super Mario Maker, in which you use the Wii U GamePad controller to freely create 2D Mario courses. This title has been showing steady sales worldwide, and has shipped over three million units as of the end of the third quarter of this fiscal year,” Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima shared with investors.

“A large increase in the number of players for the game following the year-end sales season has led to over 6.2 million different user-created playable courses, which in turn have been played over 400 million times as of January 27.

“In order to keep up the high usage rate of the game, we have been periodically updating the software and expanding related services. We have added functions like ‘parts’ with which users can create a greater variety of courses, and also launched a web portal called ‘Super Mario Maker Bookmark’ in which users can more easily search for interesting courses to play.”

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