More Pokémon 20th Anniversary plans teased beyond Pokkén Tournament in 2016


The Pokémon Company International has teased that 2016 will hold more for the franchise than Pokkén Tournament, which had been announced for Wii U at the 2015 Pokémon World Championships in Boston.

As Pokémon’s 20th anniversary approaches, director of consumer marketing J.C. Smith shared that the arcade brawler wasn’t the main plan for the early part of their celebrations.

When Nintendo World Report pressed him further, he added: “I’m splitting hairs. No, there’s lots of stuff planned for the 2016 year but nothing I can talk about now.”

Pokkén Tournament will release exclusively for Wii U in Spring 2016, with the only other known release being Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon which releases exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in North America on November 20th and in Europe early next year.

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