More Mario Party Superstars Boards And Mt. Minigames Mode Revealed

Mario Party Superstars Screenshot

Nintendo has revealed three more classic boards from the Nintendo 64 era that will make their return in Mario Party Superstars for Nintendo Switch.

Those include Woody Woods, Yoshi’s Tropical Island and Horror Land, which have been added to those that we have known about since E3 2021 – the Peach’s Birthday Cake board from the original Mario Party game and the Space Land board

With the chance to compete in a Superstar collection of 100 classic minigames from the Nintendo 64 and GameCube games and more, Nintendo has also shown Mt. Minigames – a minigame mode that “includes the competitive Survival course and the cooperative multiplayer course Tag Match, among other courses.”

Every minigame can be played with button controls, meaning that you will be able to play with a Joy-Con controller, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or on a Nintendo Switch Lite.

There is also support for local multiplayer, local wireless or online play, with all modes supporting online multiplayer whether that be joining friends for a few minigames or participating in a marathon 30-turn match.

Mario Party Superstars will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 29th October 2021.

Mario Party Superstars Screenshots

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