Moore: Nintendo 3DS is “aimed at a younger consumer”

Electronic Arts’ newly appointed Chief Operating Officer, Peter Moore, has explained his belief that Christmas will be an “interesting test” for the Nintendo 3DS, and that it is aimed “at a younger consumer for the most part”.

Such comments were made to Digital Life: “It’s going to be an interesting test for them this Christmas, I think we’re all hoping it will be a tremendous Christmas present”, Moore explained. “I think it is aimed at a younger consumer for the most part.”

Electronic Arts are yet to announce any further software support for the Nintendo 3DS beyond portable versions of key releases The Sims 3: Pets and Need for Speed: The Run.

“We continue to look at it,” he continued. “We have FIFA coming out on it. We have Madden in the US on it. Like any device we wish it all the best and we will monitor it and watch the sell-throughs and if there are business opportunities to bring new content, different content, or bring some of our great brands there in the future on top of what we have already committed then we will certainly do that.”

What kind of audience do you think that the Nintendo 3DS suits?

[Thanks Eurogamer]

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  1. It definitely does not target a younger audience the best games on the system are core games like Zelda and starfox with a few more light hearted games like super Mario 3d land and Mario kart 7 which are still core games with just a slight child like appearance

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