Monsters invade the Nintendo eShop

the 3d machine nintendo eshop

Monsters will come alive on Nintendo eShop, as five episodes of The 3D Machine: The Series have been confirmed for the digital store.

Created by Rotterdam based animation studio Ka-Ching Cartoons, you’ll be able to purchase and enjoy each episode from December 6th.

The 3D Machine: The Series sees the professor and Igor accidentally bring a range of monsters to life with their 3D machine. They must travel across the globe as they hunt down the escaped monsters and zap them back to their comic book origins.

Details regarding the individual episodes are as follows:
* Episode 1: Attack of the Giant Lizard – In this episode a giant lizard causes chaos in a Japanese metropolis and it’s up to Igor and the professor to stop it in its tracks.

* Episode 2: Brain-Eating Aliens from Outer Space – The professor travels to the outer limits of space to try to save his trusty assistant from brain-eating aliens!

* Episode 3: Web of Horror – The team travel deep into the jungle to thwart a terrifying tarantula.

* Episode 4: Mummy Mayhem – Take care near the Nile as a mummy runs amok in one of the ancient pyramids.

* Episode 5: Tentacles of Terror – Igor and the professor sink deep to the bottom of the ocean to terrorise the eight-tentacled sea monster that lurks beneath.

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