Monster Hunter X has already outsold Monster Hunter 4G on the Nintendo eShop


It now comes more of an expectation, but lengthy queues saw Monster Hunter X soon sell out at retail in Japan last week.

With such demand surrounding the Nintendo 3DS exclusive’s launch, players instead turned to the Nintendo eShop to secure their copy and set out on adventure. We can never be clear on digital sales numbers, but Nintendo maintain a ranking page on their official website that details life-to-date sales numbers for any game listed on the Nintendo eShop.

Astoundingly, it has taken just three days for Monster Hunter X to surpass Monster Hunter 4G in such chart. The secrecy around exact numbers means that we’re left to guess how many copies were sold, with only Gunman Clive as a reference point – positioned 18th in the chart having sold more than 140,000 copies.

Still, it’s an impressive achievement that shows demand behind Capcom’s long-running series isn’t showing any signs of waning.

[Thanks NeoGAF]

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