Monster Hunter X Adds Star Fox, Metroid and Zelda Content


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is absolutely packed with bonus collaborative content, and Capcom has been able to treat successor Monster Hunter X in much the same way.

Between Tuesday 5th January – Tuesday 9th February, seasoned hunters across Japan can visit access any nearby 7-Eleven hotspot to receive content inspired by Star Fox, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid.

The Star Fox content adds a ‘Snowy Mountain Battle’ event quest that, once cleared, will unlock a Bnyaster weapon and Fox Cat Series armour for your Felyne Palico. Whereas bonus content adds a Star Fox background for your Guild Card, Arwing, Landmaster and Hired Mercenaries titles, and a Fox Felyne Palicoe that has a special Landmaster Technique skill.

That for The Legend of Zelda includes a ‘Force, Wisdom, Courage’ event quest, with bonus content including The Legend of Zelda background and Item Get pose for your Guild Card. Titles expand with Tri-Force, Zelda, Heart Container, Legend and Rupee, while a Zelda Felyne Palico can be used.

That related to Metroid, a long-running series that still remains relatively dormant at Nintendo, adds a Metroid background and Beam Shooting pose for your Guild Card, as well as Metro, Roid, Life-form, Powered and Planet titles and a Samus Felyne Palicoe.

Monster Hunter X is now available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS across Japan, with no confirmation yet on any plans for a western launch.

[Thanks Gematsu]
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