Monster Hunter series surpasses 33 million units worldwide

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Capcom has announced that the Monster Hunter series has surpassed 33 million units worldwide, as of 30th September 2015.

That achievement was shared to coincide with news that shipments of Monster Hunter 4G – which includes western equivalent Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – have roared past four million copies worldwide, encompassing physical and digital sales.

Nintendo and Capcom’s efforts to localise Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate resulted in the Nintendo 3DS exclusive becoming the first title in the series to sell more than a million combined units in European and North American markets.

They will now look to capitalise on that success by boosting brand value and expanding its audience with Monster Hunter X, Monster Hunter Stories and by broadcasting an accompanying anime series.

We were positive about the recent Nintendo 3DS exclusive in our review, concluding: “With a righteous roar, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate propels you on the most breathtaking hunt to have ever graced the series. Capcom went back to the drawing board to address many of the criticisms that it has faced over the years, commendably delivering a wholesome adventure that is deserving of the hours that many will pour into it.”

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