Monster Hunter Rise Update 1.1.1 Now Available (With Patch Notes)

Monster Hunter Rise Cutscene Screenshot

Capcom has released a software update for Monster Hunter Rise, which now sees the action role-playing game on update version 1.1.1.

This minor update has unlocked access to the content from the Deluxe Kit downloadable content, along with other add-on content from pre-order bonus and amiibo.

Requiring around 600MB, you will need to download the update in order to use downloadable content and play online (which requires a Nintendo Switch Online membership). Without it, you will still be able to play local multiplayer as long as every player has the same update version.

We have enjoyed our time with Monster Hunter Rise, concluding in our review: “Monster Hunter Rise is exceptional. 17 years on, and there still isn’t a gameplay experience that can deliver such tremendously heroic thrills at the same level as this. Evading increasingly crippling blows from a monster desperately fending for its life to managing to capture a monster while on the brink of your own failure, the excitement once the game clicks with you is constant and palpable. “

Monster Hunter Rise will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 26th March 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise Update Version 1.1.1 Patch Notes

Main Additions / Changes

  • Access to the content from the Deluxe Kit, as well as the add-on content from pre-order bonuses and amiibo bonuses.

Bug Fixes / Miscellaneous

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.
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