Monster Hunter Generations Release Date Set For July 15th


After pencilling in a summer launch window, Nintendo has now announced a release date for Capcom’s Monster Hunter Generations.

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive promises to be the most accessible entry in the series yet, made possible thanks in part to the new Prowler mode’s introduction. This will let players take control of a Felyne character, which have simplified mechanics for gathering items and unique attacks and combos to put to use while hunting.

All single and multiplayer quests can be enjoyed in Prowler mode, meaning that players of all skill levels can form a hunting party together – whether they choose to play as a Hunter or Prowler.

Your adventures will see you take on monsters across more than 20 different hunting locations, with gathered items letting you craft more powerful weapons and armour that will help in more treacherous quests.

Nintendo have also promised that a demo will see release on the Nintendo eShop before the game’s launch.

Monster Hunter Generations will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Europe and North America on July 15th.

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