Monster Hunter Generations Playable At PAX East 2016


Monster Hunter Generations headlines the playable games at Capcom’s PAX East 2016 booth this weekend, which sees the Nintendo 3DS exclusive accompanied by Umbrella Corps and Street Fighter V.

Attendees will be able to hunt alone or join others with single player and multiplayer demo stations letting you take on monsters both new and old. It’s a chance to see the four Hunting Styles and new Hunter Arts that will aid you in your quest.

As well as that, the Capcom Store will let fans buy the latest and greatest gear. That ranges from Monster Hunter t-shirts with Brachydios, Rathalos, Zinogre, and Poogie designs, Monster Hunter Series 1 Pin Set and Lanyards, and Udon’s art books – such tomes being discounted by up to 50 percent.

PAX East takes place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center between 22nd – 24th April 2016.

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