Monster Games revealed as PilotWings Resort developer

pilotwings 3d 20100616 120602 intro

Within the Donkey Kong Country Returns panel at Game Developers Conference ’11 last week, Kensuke Tanabe, who has worked as a producer at Nintendo for many years, has revealed that Monster Games were responsible for developing PilotWings Resort on Nintendo 3DS.

The development studio were previously responsible for reviving the Excite series on Wii, with both ExciteTruck and ExciteBots, and have now concentrated their efforts on the PilotWings series that hasn’t been seen since its last title, PilotWings 64.

Tanabe himself has long been associated with collaborating with North American developers in an effort to revive many of Nintendo’s key franchises, including Punch-Out and Donkey Kong Country.


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