Monopoly Gamer Delivers Nintendo Twist On A Classic

monopoly gamer image

Hasbro has revealed Monopoly Gamer, a new take on the classic board game with a Nintendo twist.

Rather than use standard Monopoly tokens, the board game stars Super Mario characters that each have their own special powers. Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Donkey Kong will come with the game, and must once again defeat Bowser to win.

It’s not just about money, either, with players earning points by buying Properties, collecting coins (which replace Monopoly money) and beating Bosses – the player with the highest score winning the game. Players can roll the Power-up die to activates special abilities, and take down the enemies that they face.

While Monopoly Gamer will include a gameboard, four Nintendo Character tokens (Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong), four Character cards, four Reminder cards, eight Boss cards, 16 Title Deed cards, one Numbered die, one Power-up die, 90 coins, and a game guide, Hasbro will also sell Monopoly Gamer Power Packs.

The Power Packs will include a new character token that has their own unique powers, with Wario, Luigi, Toad, Boo, Rosalina, Diddy Kong, Fire Mario, and Tanooki Mario all sold separately. Sadly, Waluigi’s missed out once again.

Monopoly Gamer will be priced at $24.99, with each Power Pack to cost $3.99.





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