Moffitt: Taking risks is “woven” into Nintendo’s DNA


Nintendo has long established itself as a company that strives to take risks, innovate and deliver gameplay experiences that go beyond player expectation.

That is intricately “woven” into the company’s DNA according to Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, and has helped to define their identity within the wider games industry.

“It’s in our DNA, it’s what makes us tick, and it’s what brought all of us to Nintendo,” Scott Moffitt explained to Examiner, .

“We like to be a company that’s willing to take some risks on a franchise like Splatoon, propose new forms of gaming to gamers, and see what their reactions are.”

The Wii U exclusive has been a resounding success for Nintendo, having so far sold more than 1.62 million copies worldwide. However not every risk that the company takes will be met with such result, but Moffitt assures that always seeking to innovate is “woven” into Nintendo’s DNA.

“Often times, those [ideas] work, sometimes they don’t, it’s always risky to be an innovator, but that is woven into our DNA and is a bedrock value for Nintendo,” Moffitt added.

“I think gamers have come to appreciate that from us, but also to respect it and expect it. They want us challenging the norms and challenging conventions, and I think that’s part of our role in the broader industry.”

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