Miyamoto: We’re “hoping to evolve” the Wii

interview with shigeru miyamoto

Within a recent interview, legendary videogame developer Shigeru Miyamoto has commented that Nintendo are “hoping to evolve” the Wii past its “family orientated, played in the living room” nature.

Having been queried about the company’s impending announcement regarding the successor to the Wii at E3 2011, Miyamoto laughed and exclaimed “Please be patient!” He then continued, “Even when the Wii launched, we were developing new hardware. The creation of devices is quite speedy nowadays, and we’re always working on new ideas.”

“There’s definitely space for uniqueness in a home console,” Miyamoto explained. “As you know the Wii is family orientated, played in the living room of the household. We’re hoping to evolve that, there’s a variety of options we can think of.”

Of course, it isn’t all about hardware and Miyamoto knows the importance of offering consumers quality software all too well. To Nintendo, however, it isn’t just quality that is important, but providing players with unique experiences.

“With the more advanced devices, game design is currently at a high level,” states Miyamoto. “Nowadays I think it’s really important that designers are really unique and individual. It’s costly if you are focussing on similar ideas, so that uniqueness is important. You can get more budget for games, but your energy must be focussed, otherwise it won’t last.”

In commenting on his own mantra for designing games, Miyamoto places his views on the design process with the following emphasis: “Don’t focus on how many stages it’s got. Tell me if you’ve seen it before. That’s the challenge for me.”

[You can check the full interview out at The Telegraph]

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