Miyamoto: Nintendo focus on bringing “fun to the world”, not on competition

shigeru miyamoto pikmin

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has explained his belief that it is far more important for him to “bring fun to the world”, than to be worrying about continually battling with competitors.

“In the past when we’ve introduced stuff like motion control or touch screen control with the Nintendo DS, it typically would take a few years for other companies bring them into their own offerings,” Miyamoto discussed with IGN.

“The fact that one year out when we first introduced the concept of Wii U, we’re already seeing other companies trying to move in that same direction, suggests there’s a tremendous amount of possibility in what we’ve shown so far.

“It’s something that’s tough for me to objectively look at, and I think to me, what’s most important, is that I don’t betray the trust that people have in me. At a show like this, it’s my job to show we’re all having fun. People come to E3 and they want to talk about competition and who won the show, and all these companies combating one another.

“But what we’re meant to be doing is bringing fun to the world. So rather than focusing on competition, I feel it’s my job to go up on stage and show how I can bring fun to the world by having fun myself.”

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