Miyamoto may return to unrealised GBA/GameCube connectivity ideas

shigeru miyamoto2

Game concepts that remain unrealised when Nintendo explored the potential for Game Boy Advance to GameCube connectivity may now come to light.

Shigeru Miyamoto expressed that whilst the ideas were sound, at the time it proved difficult for players with enough systems to gather together and enjoy them.

“I think it is very likely,” Miyamoto explained to GamesMaster, asked if he would return to such concepts. “I cannot tell specifically what ideas I used to have at the time which might be realised this time around.

“But as you might recall, at one of the E3 shows several years ago we showcased a game of Pac-Man Versus, which was a really interesting game. Unfortunately however it was rather hard for everyone to own four GBAs at the same time.

“But at that time still it was not very easy or accepted. [Now, with Wii U], it’s not just creators outside the company are finding fascinating possibilities to be able to realise a game dream come true.”

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