Miyamoto: “I’m a little embarrassed” by early Super Mario titles


Whilst remaining to be one of the most highly acclaimed and historic franchises within the videogame industry, legendary creator Shigeru Miyamoto has commented that he is “a little embarrassed” looking back on early Super Mario titles.

“Well, I look back and play some of these games and there are a lot of places where, to be honest, I’m a little embarrassed,” Miyamoto confessed, during an interview with Techland. “I look at Super Mario 3, and was like, “This was it?! This is what we thought was good enough?”

Whilst it is a little surprising to find that Miyamoto is critical of one of the most celebrated 2D entries within the Super Mario series, he does however state that he was happy with what they created at the time and that he wouldn’t change it.

“That being said, I do have new understandings of that work,” Miyamoto explains. “The balance in that game is what it needed to be at that time. It really was. And so, even seeing all the limitations, I’m very happy with what we created and I wouldn’t change it.”

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  1. Those games are my childhood and would’nt change a thing about them. I love every 8bit frame. The Super MBos games where the games that made me the fulltime hardcore gamer I am today. I don’t see how he could be embarrassed about a franchies that saved gaming and turned millons of people into gamer FOR LIFE!

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