Miyamoto distributes Nintendo Letter Box message


Ahead of Luigi’s Mansion 2 releasing across Europe this week, legendary producer Shigeru Miyamoto has distributed a short message through Nintendo Letter Box.

“Hello, it’s me Shigeru Miyamoto!” he began within a voice clip, before scrawling “Are you ready to capture ghosts with the Poltergust 5000 in this game?”

“My favourite ghost is the Polterpup. It would be cool to have a ghost pup for a pet! The game launches on 28/3, I hope you will play the game.”

Our review went live earlier today, in which we wrote that it “amounts to one of the most inventive and joyous games to have released on Nintendo 3DS during its two year reign.”

Luigi’s Mansion 2 will launch across Europe on March 28th, and is already available across North America.

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