Miyamoto discusses Luigi’s Mansion 2 development


The legendary Shigeru Miyamoto made his Nintendo Direct debut yesterday, discussing development of Nintendo 3DS exclusive Luigi’s Mansion 2.

It’s been 12 years since the original was developed for the GameCube, and Miyamoto explains that he’s always wanted to see the game in 3D since then.

The Poltergust can now be used to pick up items, fill balloons to lift Luigi, and now has a brand new Dark-Light Device that can be used to find items that have disappeared.

Lighting and shadow effects have been utilised to raise tension, with players set to feel more immersed within Luigi’s haunted quest than ever before.

Luigi’s Mansion 2 releases across Europe on March 28th, and will be called Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon across North America where it’ll launch on March 24th.

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