Miyamoto and Tezuka look back at Super Mario Bros. development

nintendo shigeru miyamoto takashi tezuka

Nintendo of America has shared a special interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, taking the chance to reflect back on the development process that Super Mario Bros. underwent.

That includes rare video footage of the legendary duo in their younger days, at which point Miyamoto shared their desire to create a “robust Famicom game” in which large characters move around. That saw them look to animate land, sea and sky settings, with Tezuka presenting an early planning document that explored how the sky could be implemented.

Such levels would see Mario floating around in a cloud and shooting coins from it, but Miyamoto declined the proposal as it would be too much work and nearly impossible with the technology at the time.

The video is another fascinating look at how graph paper was used to plot out the levels, after which they were handed to programmers that would recreate them with their game creation tools. That they kept revising the level designs only led to the programmers scolding them, apparently!

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