Miyamoto: Analysts “almost silly” to worry about Nintendo


Analysts concerned by Nintendo being unable to miss their sales targets are “almost silly,” Shigeru Miyamoto has scorned.

With the Nintendo 3DS regaining pace, it is the Wii U that remains a troubling cloud over the Kyoto-based company, yet Miyamoto assures importance must be placed on delivering worthwhile gaming experiences over sales numbers.

“The entertainment industry is one that is inherently unstable and if people decide that they no longer need entertainment anymore then there’s no way for you to make money off of that,” the industry legend explained to GamesIndustry International.

“Because of the waves in the entertainment industry and the way the cycles move, personally I feel that aiming for a specific numerical goal is almost silly, and instead our focus should be on doing our best to create something that’s new and unique.”

He continued, “So all of this talk of ‘Oh is Nintendo going to hit its numbers? Is Mr. Iwata responsible?’ and all these discussions I think are just silly ones to have because Mr. Iwata is managing our company and I don’t think there’s anyone better to manage it than him.

“I’m really focused on creating the most fun and unique experiences I can so that the entertainment can appeal to a very broad audience, and we’re having fun doing that. So certainly I think there are other industries where I think their chance to appeal to a broad audience has been lost, but I still think within our industry we have a lot of opportunity to do that.”

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