Miyamoto admits that some fans hate Toon Link

Nintendo’s unveiling of the cartoon incarnation of Link for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has divided opinion of fans for quite some time, and legendary games developer Shigeru Miyamoto has admitted during a recent interview that he knows there are those that hate it.

“As for [Toon] Link, I call the design ‘Cat-eyed Link.’ I’ll admit it took courage to use this more cartoon design, but, in the end, we made this decision at the time due to really wanting to make a typical Nintendo game – an adventure that represents the soul of our society,” Miyamoto explains.

He continues, “As Link is a young boy rather than an adult, he was completely reinvented with a more streamlined look. Besides, it allowed us to create a real distinction between his adventures on home console and portable. Each has its own identity and that is just fine. So yes, I know that there are plenty of people who hate his cartoon version… but there it is!”

Are you a fan of Toon Link, or would you have rather Nintendo stuck to the more “realistic” version of Hyrule’s hero?

[Thanks, GameBlog.fr]

  1. I don’t mind either design actually. After all, realistic = Twilight Princess and if anything, Ocarina of Time = cartoony, but I enjoyed both so… no complaints.

  2. I do prefer the realistic Link usually because the game feel is more realistic and design and graphics are usually much better. Like for Twilight Princess or Ocarina, it seemed to have more depth just because Link or other characters seemed more serious as well as the situations you get into seemed more dramatic due to the realistic feel.

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