Mini Motorways Coming To Nintendo Switch

Mini Motorways Screenshot

Dinosaur Polo Club has revealed that Mini Motorways, their “minimalist strategy simulation about designing the roads of cities around the world,” is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set against a “responsive audio landscape” from Disasterpeace, what starts as a relaxing experience will gradually ramp up in difficulty as you are challenged to remove roadblocks to keep the traffic flowing smoothly.

With maps based on iconic cities like Rio de Janeiro, Munich and Tokyo, you must draw the roads that connect the city to create a network that must adapt to the ever-changing procedurally generated maps. And, beyond that, you will need to choose where to use upgrades such as motorways, traffic lights, roundabouts and tunnels

There are also daily and weekly challenges with special conditions to compete in, like Mini Notorways, where no motorway upgrades are granted, or High Density, in which buildings can pop up in already crowded neighbourhoods for extra traffic complications.

“Ultimately, Mini Motorways is about solving problems. How long can you keep the city moving? It’s easy to predict short term results of your changes, but those can have wild consequences in the long term,” explains Dinosaur Polo Club community manager Casey Lucas-Quaid. “It’s satisfying to watch this system you’ve built run and grow. Since Mini Motorways’ Apple Arcade launch, casual and hardcore players alike have worked to master its surprisingly complex systems.”

Mini Motorways will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q1 2022.

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