Mineko’s Night Market Release Date Announced

Mineko's Night Market Logo

Humble Bundle and Meowza Games have confirmed a release date for Mineko’s Night Market on Nintendo Switch.

Pitched as a gameplay experience “that celebrates Japanese culture while introducing a heartwarming story about friendship, tradition, and many, many cats,” you play as Mineko who is a curious girl as she arrives at her new home on a struggling Japanese-inspired island at the base of Mount Fugu.

The superstitious locals on the island worship the Sun Cat, Nikko, and what was always thought to have been a long-told myth unexpectedly puzzles the town after its residents start to report seeing Nikko.

You must work to discover the secrets behind the time while helping to restore the struggling town to its former glory. That will see you manage your daily activities, complete various jobs and whimsical quests and craft peculiar items as you prepare for the weekly Night Market.

Mineko’s Night Market will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 26th September 2023.

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