Minecraft Wii U Edition Update Delivers Bug Fixes


4J Studios has submitted a software update for Minecraft Wii U Edition to Nintendo, which, once approved, will be pushed live and deliver a whole host of bug fixes.

The Scottish studio break down what tweaks they have made in their meticulously detailed change log, and have since clarified that they are “working on bringing the Wii U Edition up to 1.8.8 functionality now.”

We were slightly disappointed with the port, concluding in our review: “Minecraft Wii U Edition provides the sandbox that everyone has come to know and love. It may have arrived late and hasn’t brought anything particularly new to the table, but we now no longer need to lament the absence of Mojang’s smash-hit on the Nintendo eShop.”

Change log for Patch 2 – January 20th 2016

  • Fix for a problem with the analog sticks when using 3rd party Pro controllers
  • Fix for a crash after playing for an extensive time
  • Fix for a hang when losing internet connection while in an online game
  • Fix for a graphical issue when looking through opaque coloured Glass Blocks
  • Fix to enable Game Chat through the GamePad even if it isn’t being used by one of the active players
  • Fix for an issue when disabling the Game Chat option while in an online game.
  • Fix for an issue with the Game Chat option in split-screen
  • Fix for an issue with input when a split-screen player is using the system keyboard
  • Fix for an issue when copying saves with no space available
  • Fix for issues when the user deletes one of the Favourite Mii characters
  • Display Japanese names for DLC in the in-game shop in Japan, rather than English names
  • Fix for a graphical corruption issue in the in-game Skin Selector menu
  • Fix for an issue with the flowing water texture in the Festive Mash-up Pack
  • Fixed issue with the left stick input while in Edit Layer and Add Layer in the Superflat World creation menu
  • Corrected some text in the eManual
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    1. Yeah, that’s not a bug. It happens in EVERY SINGLE VERSION OF MINECRAFT EVER and will only happens when a world is reloaded. (Quitting then coming back later)

    2. That’s not a bug… that happens in every single version of Minecraft ever made ever.
      (PC & other console versions. Pocket Edition doesn’t have bonus chests yet)

  1. Also snowman are bug they do not produce snow or attack. As well you can’t attack them
    Only way to remove them is fire

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