Minecraft Wii U Edition Software Update Rolls Out


Now that scheduled Nintendo Network maintenance has passed, 4J Studios has announced that a new software update has become available for Minecraft Wii U Edition

That paves the way to play the free Battle Mini Game, while adding a Safe Sprint option, Distribute Items, Caves and Ravines, and an AB button swap as well as various bug fixes.

Change log for Patch 6 – June 21st 2016

  • Added the Battle Mini Game.
  • Updated the Skin Select menu.
  • Added an option for Safe Sprint in the Controls menu. Depending on the controls layout selected, this option moves either the Change Camera Mode or the Sneak/Dismount away from the stick button, since a lot of people are pressing the stick by accident when they start sprinting.
  • Enabled Battle Map Pack 1 and Battle Map Pack Season Pass DLC.
  • Added Caves and Ravines to Custom Superflat options.
  • Added Distribute Items functionality via toggle button (start and confirm distribution).
  • This allows a stack of items to be distributed by dragging the stack across multiple slots in the Inventory.
  • Added an AB swap option in the Controls menu for players who prefer the game actions to swapped from the default Nintendo system button actions.
  • Fix for an issue causing corrupt save games.
  • Fixed a crash when a client player entered a game where the maximum number of Item Frames had opened Maps.
  • Fix for Slimes not spawning in Slime Chunks.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to use the Armour Stand when the Trust Players option is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where items could not be moved from the Furnace to the main Inventory using Quick Move.
  • Fixed an issue in the Superflat world generation menu with the stem Mushroom Block.
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