Minecraft Wii U Edition Now Best-Selling Nintendo eShop Game In Japan


Minecraft Wii U Edition has become the best-selling Nintendo eShop game for the console in Japan, knocking the ink-splatting Splatoon off the top spot.

That milestone has been achieved in little over a month, with Mojang’s sandbox phenomenon having launched on the Nintendo eShop worldwide on December 17th. Dragon Quest X, Super Mario Maker and Pokémon Rumble U round out the top five, with Mario Kart 8 chasing in hot pursuit.

As for an exact sales figure, Japan’s Weekly Famitsu magazine reported that the game sold 77,233 copies up until 3rd January 2016. We’ll have a more precise number once they share sales numbers for this month, however Splatoon is known to have sold more than 168,000 copies in Japan on the Nintendo eShop alone.

4J Studios rolled out an update for the game this week, which addressed multiple bugs that had been uncovered – which included crashes and third-party controller compatibility.

We were excited but slightly underwhelmed with the port, concluding in our review: “Minecraft Wii U Edition provides the sandbox that everyone has come to know and love. It may have arrived late and hasn’t brought anything particularly new to the table, but we now no longer need to lament the absence of Mojang’s smash-hit on the Nintendo eShop.”

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