Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Voice Chat And USB Keyboard Support


As an early Christmas present from Mojang, Minecraft Wii U Edition will at long last see the Swedish developer’s sandbox phenomenon release on Nintendo’s console.

We already knew that the Wii U Edition would allow up to four players to embark on a blocky adventure in local multiplayer and up to eight players online, but the game’s Japanese Nintendo eShop listing has expanded on what has already been shared.

That has now revealed that it will support the Wii U Pro Controller, USB Keyboards, and Headsets – the last inclusion letting it become one of the few games on the console to allow Voice Chat.

Off-TV Play is also available courtesy of the Wii U GamePad, but there has been some criticism that the opportunity hasn’t been taken to use the second screen as an easier way to use the inventory management system.

Minecraft Wii U Edition will launch in the Nintendo eShop across Australia, Europe, Japan and North America on December 18th.

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