Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Update Version 1.0.7 Now Available


Microsoft has released software update version 1.0.7 for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, that introduces new content for the popular creative sandbox builder.

That has seen developer 4J Studios introduce the Glide Myths Track Pack, the Strangers – Biome Settlers 3 Skin Pack, and, perhaps more importantly, the chance to transfer your save across from Minecraft: Wii U Edition.

Aside from that, there are multiple bug fixes that have been identified and resolved, such as slow moving mobs in water, Polar Bears no longer attacking the player when in peaceful mode, and Farmer Villagers now planting seeds more often.

Changes made In Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Update Version 1.0.7

  • Added Glide Myths Track Pack; Drift through the clouds of Icarus, dive into conflict in Excalibur and ride with the Kelpies in Celts.
  • Added “Strangers – Biome Settlers 3” Skin Pack.
  • Enable transferring save from Wii U Edition.
  • Fixed slow moving mobs in water.
  • Endermen and Endermites should always be hostile to each other.
  • Polar Bears should not attack the player when in peaceful mode.
  • Wither Skeletons no longer fear daylight and will attack anything that lives.
  • Zombie Horses and Skeleton Horses can now be tamed and leashed.
  • Skeletons shouldn’t attack Village Golems.
  • Strays now flee from Wolves.
  • Wolves should not become hostile against mobs that they can’t directly see.
  • Fix for Farmer Villagers not planting seeds often enough.
  • Crafting any kind of Boat now requires a Wooden Shovel.
  • String can now be crafted from Web.
  • Purpur Stairs and Slabs can now be crafted from both Purpur Blocks and Pillars.
  • Stone Slabs, Redstone Repeaters, and Redstone Comparators can now be crafted from Stone, Granite, Andesite, Diorite, and their Polished variants.
  • Observers should register changes to Item Frames.
  • Observers should register changes to Doors.
  • Observers should register changes to Flower Pots.
  • Observers should not output extra signals for fire block state changes.
  • Observers should not output multiple signals when lava or water is placed in front of them.
  • Pistons can now push Daylight Sensors.
  • Potion durations have changed.
  • Fixed area in the Mini Game Lobby that caused players to become invulnerable in the Mini Game if they were in this location when the round started.
  • Fix for MCCE-5523 – Pick Block in Creative.
  • Fix for MCCE-5549 – Hotbar is not centered in split-screen battle.
  • Fix for MCCE-2000 – Zombies get stuck in water.
  • Fix for MCCE-2868 – Levitation effect all in Capitals.
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