Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Update 1.0.16 Adds The Incredibles Skin Pack

Minecraft The Incredibles Skin Pack

Microsoft, Mojang and 4J Studios have released a new software update for Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, seeing the popular creative sandbox builder now on version 1.0.16.

This adds support for The Incredibles Skin Pack (£2.39), that will let you grab your super suit and join the action with the Parr family as well as other characters like Frozone, Edna Mode, Syndrome, Buddy Fine, Bomb Voyage, Mirage and Underminer.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Update Version 1.0.16 Patch Notes

  • Added The Incredibles Skin Pack
  • Fix for MCCE-#7401 – Sign with § æ Crashes World.
  • Fix for MCCE-#7331 – Hostile Mobs’ Battle Royale Crashes The Game.
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