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4J Studios has shown Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition running in Handheld Mode for the first time, revealing more on how the block-based sandbox game is shaping up.

Now weeks away from release they shared that, as with Minecraft: Wii U Edition, the game’s version will initially be slightly behind the other consoles, but it will then be patched as quickly as possible to match them.

While the Wii U Edition had only supported the Classic world type, it was confirmed that the Nintendo Switch Edition will support Classic (864×864 blocks), Small (1024×1024 blocks) and Medium (3072×3072 blocks). That means that you will have a far larger area to explore and create in, news that will surely be met positively given the console’s portable possibilities.

The only world type that is not supported is Large (5120×5120 blocks), which is only present on consoles in the PlayStation 4 Edition and Xbox One Edition.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will release on the Nintendo eShop in North America on May 11th and in Europe on May 12th, with a retail release planned for a later date.

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Alex Seedhouse

Alex Seedhouse

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