Minecraft Legends Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Year

Minecraft Legends Key Art

Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive have revealed Minecraft Legends, a new action-strategy game which will release on Nintendo Switch next year.

The game will tell the legend of the Overworld once uniting against an invasion by the ravenous piglins who threaten to corrupt it. According to this legend, you are the only one that can bring together the Overworld’s mobs to help them defend their home.

These events are “neither fact nor fiction,” as they are simply part of a tale that has been passed down from villager to villager. There are no records or evidence that the great hero raised their banner to save the Overworld, only that the powerful legend has remained.

With strategy elements at its core, the game’s mechanics take inspiration from “the immersion of action games.” Exploring in third-person perspective, on your adventures you will be challenged to defend peaceful settlements and fight hordes of piglins to stop the spread of their Nether corruption.

“When Legends was still just an idea, we knew our hands were already pretty full with our two existing games – Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. Because Minecraft Legends needed the proper experience and focus to really shine, we decided to partner with Blackbird Interactive (BBI), a Vancouver-based studio that is working with us to bring the game to life,” Mojang Studios explained in a blog post.

“BBI has a wealth of game design experience, especially in the strategy genre, and a dedicated development team working on Minecraft Legends. Combining their strengths with ours is what resulted in the game´s unique personality. We’re thrilled by our collaboration with the talented teams at BBI and we can’t wait for you to experience the fun of a Minecraft strategy game.”

Minecraft Legends will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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