Mika And The Witch’s Mountain Takes To The Skies On Nintendo Switch

Mika And The Witch’s Mountain Logo

Chibig has announced that its fantasy coming-of-age adventure game Mika and the Witch’s Mountain will release on Nintendo Switch.

An aspiring witch with a half-formed set of powers, in order to complete her training Mika must help out the townspeople that live at the bottom of the mountain. Bringing them packages on her magical broom, she will earn her stripes roaming around the island – earning upgrades with each successful delivery she makes.

The developer has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • A loving-made island sandbox to explore on your broom;
  • Protect the packages from the elements as you fly around the island;
  • Get to know the villagers, learning a new story with each delivery;
  • Experience a heartwarming tale about growing up and making your own way;
  • A short narrative-driven game with enough secrets to keep you coming back for more.

“Mika and the Witch’s Mountain is all about growing up, getting your first job, and finding your place in the world,” explains Chibig CEO Abraham Riera. “It’s a special little game, and I’m excited to show more of it soon!”

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “later this year.”

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