Miiverse update lets you post to your Activity Feed


Nintendo have pushed live their latest update to Miiverse, now letting users post directly to their own Activity Feed in a way much similar to Twitter.

Whilst these posts won’t appear in any community, they will be visible to friends and followers who may continue to interact with you through the service.

More detailed information, provided by Marty who shares all the Miiverse announcements, is as follows:

■ All versions
1. You can now write posts in your activity feed. These posts will not appear in any community, but will appear in the following places:
– Your activity feed
– Your friends’ and followers’ activity feeds
– The “Activities” section in your profile
Note that these posts will not appear in the activity feeds of people you follow, unless they also follow you.

You can continue posting about games and other software titles in their respective communities, but this new feature allows you to write posts straight to your friends and followers through your activity feed. Posts in the activity feed can receive comments and Yeahs just like any other post.

2. The Art Academy: SketchPad Community has been moved from “Wii U Games” to “Others” in the community list.

■ Wii U version only
We have updated the Miiverse manual and rearranged it in Q&A format. If you ever need to check something about how Miiverse works, go to User Menu ⇒ Settings/Other ⇒ Manual.

■ Web version only
We have increased the size of thumbnails for screenshots attached to posts and comments.

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