Miiverse Shutting Down On November 7th


Nintendo has announced that Miiverse will be shut down, their social network service that built an online community around Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Miiverse will end on Tuesday 7th November 2017 at 10pm PT, after which point users will not be able to access the service on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PC, or smart devices, and, while the Miiverse icon will continue to appear, an error message will be displayed when pressed.

“We started the Miiverse service in 2012 along with the launch of the Wii U system because we wanted to provide a space where users could share their feelings about games with each other,” Nintendo of America explains in a FAQ.

“Thanks to users’ support throughout the years, we think we were able to achieve that goal. We decided to end the service at this time because, among other reasons, many users are shifting to social networking services.”

Users will be able to download their old Miiverse posts without comments or messages from others by registering on the Miiverse website before the service ends. Then, once it is shut down, you will receive an email to your Nintendo Account address a few weeks after it ends that will include a unique URL to download your Miiverse posts.

Nintendo adds that they have “no plans to implement any services to replace Miiverse,” with Nintendo Switch instead connecting with Twitter and Facebook.

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