Miiverse receives further update


Nintendo have detailed their latest update to their social network service, Miiverse.

These changes see the post character limit raised to 200, a change that had previously only been made to the comments sections, whilst the Miiverse Code of Conduct has also been altered to add a new section relating to not sharing your Nintendo Network ID details.

“First, we’ve made some changes to the Miiverse Code of Conduct. The main change is the addition of the following section: Do Not Let Others Use Your Nintendo Network ID.

“Information on Nintendo Network ID management was previously included in the Nintendo Network Agreement and Nintendo Network Privacy Policy, but now it can also be checked within Miiverse. Additionally, there have been further changes and additions made to several other points. These rules aim to make Miiverse enjoyable for everyone, so we ask that you read them carefully.

– Wii U version: User Menu ⇒ Settings/Other ⇒ Miiverse Code of Conduct
– Web version: User Menu ⇒ Miiverse Code of Conduct

“The other changes are as follows:
Wii U version and Web version
You can now attach tags such as “Question” and “Impressions” to your Miiverse posts.
Any tags you attach yourself will be coloured blue. (As before, posts made from games will have green tags.)
The tags you can choose vary by community, but now that you can filter posts by tag, it’s much easier to find the post you’re looking for!

Wii U version only
The character limit for messages to other users has been changed to 200.
In June, we changed the character limit for posts and comments from 100 to 200, and now we’ve carried over this change to also apply to messages.”

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