Miitomo Celebrates Metroid’s 30th Anniversary


2016 marks 30 years since Metroid first saw release on the Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan, and Nintendo has chosen to celebrate the milestone in Miitomo.

Users can collect a free Metroid hat and 8-Bit Samus t-shirt for their Mii character, while Samus Aran’s iconic Power Suit and Zero Suit are available in Miitomo Drop.

Mech Battle Armour from Metroid Prime: Federation Force is also available, as well as a miniature Ridley and Metroid to somewhat creepily sit on your Mii’s shoulder.

Metroid Hat and 8-Bit Samus T-Shirt items for everyone!


Wearing a Metroid in-game might have been a bad idea, but now your Mii can – in perfect safety! And the 8-Bit Samus T-Shirt will bring back many fond memories, we hope!


  • The 8-Bit Samus T-Shirt will be available upon launching Miitomo (it must be claimed before 11am on 15th September 2016)
  • The Metroid Hat can be redeemed for 0 Platinum Points from My Nintendo. (Available until 7am UTC on 15th September 2016)
  • Familiar items like the Samus Power Suit available in Miitomo Drop!


    In Miitomo Drop, you’ll see such items as the Samus Power Suit and Zero Suit making their debut! We can’t guarantee that your Mii will become Samus herself on wearing them, but they’ll certainly look great! (Available until 3pm UTC on 15th September 2016)

    New entries in My Nintendo rewards – Metroid Prime: Federation Force’s Mech Battle Armour and more!


    You can now find Metroid Prime: Federation Force-inspired items like the Mech Battle Armour and Metroid Logo T-Shirt in My Nintendo rewards! (Available until 7am UTC on 15th September 2016)

    Samus Logo Badge available in the shop!


    You can now find the supremely cool Samus Logo Badge in the Miitomo Shop! (Available until 2am UTC on 16th September 2016)

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