Mighty Switch Force! 2 Review

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Cyborg police officer turned part-time firefighter, Patricia Wagon swaps laser pistol for water gun in this appropriately timed summer sequel.

Adding to an already busy schedule of tracking down Hooligan Sisters and block-switching shenanigans, Mighty Switch Force 2!’s 16 levels are littered with fires to extinguish, mud squares to wash away and enemies in need of a good soaking.


It’s an interesting addition, one that doesn’t come into its own until the latter half of the game when funnel blocks allow you to funnel jets of water to unreachable locations.

Clever water direction puzzles aside, Patrica’s water gun serves only to extend your time here, stifling the original’s swift pace that made chasing down par times so exhilarating.


Luckily, Mighty Switch Force! 2 retains much of the lustre that made the original an eShop favourite. Visuals are wonderfully animated, 3D effects dazzle and feel relevant, and Jake Kaufman returns to deliver another funky array of tunes. It’s a package as stunning as its former but a sequel in the loosest sense.

WayForward’s taut level design and solid tile-swapping puzzles shine brightly but Patricia’s new water gun fires a splash rather than a flash flood of invention.

Version Tested: Nintendo 3DS
Review copy provided by WayForward

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