Microsoft Want Xbox Game Pass On Nintendo Switch But Android Takes Priority First

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The rumor had swirled some months ago, but, with E3 2019 this week, Head of Xbox has been asked as to whether there were any plans for Xbox Game Pass to come to Nintendo Switch.

The good news is that Microsoft wants it to happen, but, given the far larger opportunity that they have in bringing their games to Android devices, it’s not a priority for them at this point in time.

“I have said over time that I would like to take Game Pass everywhere. I saw somebody joke that I would put Game Pass on a toaster if I could. I don’t know about that,” Spencer explained to Giant Bomb.

“We’re focused, on the streaming side at least, on Android – just because in some ways it’s the hardest for us. Because it’s so diverse in terms of the number of devices.

“Hopefully this comes through, but I love the role that Nintendo plays in the industry. I love the fact that Minecraft Dungeons was announced there [in the Nintendo Direct], and we have really good relationships with them – and, obviously, Banjo in Smash like you said.

“That platform is different enough from an Xbox platform that it’s not trivial for us just to say, ok, all those games would run there. So, then you’re like ‘ok, are we going to stream the games to there?’

“And, I love what Switch is, but the opportunity globally to focus on an Android platform, is such a natural first move for us, and, frankly, will take us quite a while to work through that. So, that’s the focus for us right now.

“I want to have the best console experience because of what it gives you. I want you to feel like you’re sat on a couch, getting an amazing experience, it sounds great, I have access to any game that I want to play. And, if I want to take that while I’m on the go, I think the Switch is a really cool platform for that. It’s just, in the near-term, it’s kind of hard for us to prioritize different than we are today.”

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