Micromania CEO worries Wii U will “become an industrial accident”


Pierre Cuilleret, CEO and founder of French games retailer Micromania, has shared his fears that the Wii U is in danger of becoming “an industrial accident.”

Whilst a necessary step for Nintendo to ground themselves in the realms of HD development, something their competitors have been doing for more than eight years, lacklustre sales for the console need to be reinvigorated by software according to Cuilleret.

“If [Nintendo] doesn’t revive its console with games, the Wii U is about to become an industrial accident,” he explained to business magazine Challenges. “But, as always, they’re quite relaxed.”

Cuilleret affirmed his awareness that sales had risen during the Christmas period, although he attributed this more toward the 3DS than Nintendo’s home console.

It’s a far cry from the retailer’s situation with the PlayStation 4, Cuilleret revealing that orders placed after December 27th couldn’t be fulfilled until March. Sony last week announced that they had sold 4.2 million consoles by the end of 2013, a significant achievement considering it had only been on sale for six weeks and is yet to become available in Japan.

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  1. It is crazy. The system with more games and better quality, higher-rated games sells less than the system with no games and lower rated titles…

    I mean I know I live in the Twilight Zone on a daily basis but this is just ridiculous.

    Plex in 1080p HD, NintendoTVii with the sports/trivia competitions, homebrew (not piracy) and debian-based linux, a plethora of games on the eShop, Miiverse which is one big huge awesome forum where you can share and discuss everything games, the option to hook up a huge hard drive, 7 different control schemes including Mayflash Gamecube adapter, free online, Club Nintendo and the monthly free game I get from them, and the list goes on…

    The only sad thing here is… what the fuck is a Micromania?

  2. @PattonFiend – Nintendo only has better games if you want to play Mario and Zelda (and haven’t already played the 10-year old games they re-release). I don’t see the Wii U turning around. Nintendo is going to become a handheld only company. Nintendo’s target audience was children for years. Most of those people have moved to platforms with more choice and since they have kids of their own, their kids aren’t even experiencing Nintendo games.

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