Micro Machines-Inspired Tinker Racers Coming To Nintendo Switch

Tinker Racers Screenshot

QUByte Interactive and Rumbora Party Games have announced that Tinker Racers will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

Pitched as a “survival racing party game,” this seemingly Micro Machines-inspired racer will not primarily challenge you to make it past the finish line.

Instead, you will want to be leading the race so that you are the camera’s target as you speed around chaotic miniature tracks. If you aren’t within the camera’s view, your mini RC car will explode.

There are multiple modes that include Single Race, Free For All and Coop Campaign, that can see you set out to outpace frenetic angry bots to unlock new tracks or compete with friends thanks to local split-screen multiplayer for up to four players.

Tinker Races will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q1 2021.

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